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Have a question or concern? The ANA Board is here for our neighbors!


Scott A. Rider, Chair   scottarider@gmail.com

Charles Rice, Secretary,   rice.pdx@gmail.com

Gene Avery, Treasurer,   eugenesavery@gmail.com

Blythe Knott, Newsletter Editor,  alamedapdx@gmail.com

David Sparks, Newletter Layout and Designer,  dave@hawthornemediagroup.com

Jim Brown, Land Use/NECN  lootcie@gmail.com

Adam Karol, Emergency network/NECN Akarol36@comcast.net

Wendy Newton, Board Member

Dave Johansen, Board Member, LUTC committee.  johansendr@gmail.com

Mariah Dula, Board Member, Social Media contact, mariah.dula@gmail.com



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