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The Alameda Neighborhood Association Board meets the last Monday of the month from 7-8:30 pm at the Fremont United Methodist Church 2620 NE Fremont St, Portland, OR 97212. Check the Events Calendar for updates and changes.  Meetings are open to the public and we welcome neighbors to attend and participate in conversations about our neighborhood and community.


Minutes from the most recent ANA Board Meeting

November 23, 2015 Alameda Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes

Attending: Scott Rider, Mariah, Dave Johansen, Wendi, Charles, Gene (who was wearing long pants!), Jim

Kathy with the Hollywood Star News
Adam PSU Student, taking an ‘inclusive engagement’ class

(1) Duplex at 16th and Failing was built that does not appear to meet the intent of ‘compatible’ (33.110)

26th and Going has a duplex that “fits in perfectly”

Short discussion on who it is that approves a particular building, and by what criteria

Jim, Jim, and Dave will go see

Scott suggested we partner with Sabin, Jim will give it a try

(2) What would it take to make a Planned District.  Dave is looking into it
If the RIP (Residential Infill Project) works out well, there would be no need for a Planned District.

(3) Forward looking: Teal house on NE29th and Mason is falling apart.  Built in ~1908, designed by the woman who lived in it (I think).  It is falling into disrepair.

(4) Long term plan is for all the land around the airport to be developed, zoning was or is now compatible with commercial buildings.  Several other areas have been rezoned to allow development like the several blocks on Williams just south of Fremont.

Change to the 17 Bus Line- Proposed route change-
It used to go downtown, new route will go down 24th to SE
Marya will post something to the facebook page asking people to comment

Haunted House Recap
Lights on the front and back
Lights on the front and back
Water proof electrical set up
Central line to simplify powering each room
Means to capture more volunteers.  Fall Newsletter!
Maybe get a tent from The Party Place?  Something like 30ft by 60ft, which is completely waterproof.

Maybe advertise in the Hollywood Star

Per Kathy, Arbor Lodge Neighborhood has purchased a tent that may work

Resident engagement on sign toppers
Wendi passed around some samples.
General consensus at the meeting was for “Alameda Neighborhood” despite the relatively small font
Maria will try to set up a Survey Monkey type thing

They are grinding out bylaws and have updated the structure of the board.  First and Second readings, then a vote.  One rep per neighborhood, down from two.  Community Board members that are not representative of any particular neighborhood.

Star News
Short impromptu talk by Kathy about what she does at the Star News

Questions Comment?

Check out the Events Calendar for future meetings.

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